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A two-screen installation about photographic archives.
Shown at the Kunstbibliothek, Kulturforum Berlin as an artistic intervention in the exhibition “Unboxing Photography” 2018 on the photo object, and at DaMontford University’s PHRC Annual Conference 2018, and the Arsenal’s Living Archive Summer School in Berlin.

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On the singularity of photographs as objects.
Film with music by Sollmann & Gürtler
Europäische Monat der Fotografie Soirée, Schloss Bellevue, Berlin. 2016
Photographic surfaces filmed at the Kunstbibliothek Fotografische Sammlung, SMB – Archiv der Berlinischen Galerie. Wet collodion developing by David Puntel.

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somekind of up and down yes

Music video for Efdemin / Dial-rec co-directed with Phillip Sollmann 2014
Paint, ink and scratches on 16mm acetate film, digitally recorded as the film moved through the projector in real time to the music.

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Music video for Efdemin / Dial-rec co-directed with Phillip Sollmann 2010
A longing for International Modernism by looking at Mies van der Rohe’s Chicago buildings in books to accompany Efdemin’s Chicago album.
Oberhausen MuVi Prize (2nd Prize)2011

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Sarajevo Vertical

A film by Toby Cornish with sound by Owen Lloyd
Premiere: Braunschweig Filmfestival 2005.
Available on LoWave DVD City2City

“Another relatively recent, digitally-edited film by Berlin-based Toby
Cornish, Sarajevo Vertical (2004), has a frame-edit structure akin to the Vertov-Kubelka tradition. The film uses 66 separate shots (originally on b/w super-8 and 16mm), each of which contains a central vertical line, variously comprising architectural features, shadows on a fence, cables on walls and trees in open spaces. Some of these are ‘negative’ spaces, like gaps between buildings. Close viewing reveals the word ‘Tito’ on a road bridge, and the bridge on which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.
“The shots of Sarajevo Vertical are arranged by the growing thickness of the line, alternating from dark to light, so that from apparently ‘chaotic’ elements a continuous line ebbs and flows as it thickens and gains momentum.”
: Fields of View, BFI Publishing 2020

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A film by Toby Cornish and Owen Lloyd, with sound and programming by Owen Lloyd
Part of The Moving Frame (research project and exhibition), RCA London 2006. Also shown at Seeing Sound symposium 2009, Bath Spa University.

A film observing the dismantling of the Palast der Republik over a few years, filmed on 16mm & Super 8 film with edit generated in real time by programmed parameters. More information.