Toby Cornish and Johannes Braun (born 1972) who have worked together since 1998, both as film-makers and audio-visual performers, alongside their art-design collective Jutojo together with Julie Gayard.

2019: ‘Offset Rubdown’ installation with Hanno Leichtmann. Letratone Festival, Radial System Berlin.
2018: Part of ‘Unboxing Photography’ Exhibition at Kunst Bibliothek, Kunst Forum Berlin. Presentations and lectures at PHRC DaMontford University, Leicester and Arsenal Kino Summer School.
2017: Allsky version of ‘Offenes System: Berliner Blau’ shown at Fulldome Festival Carl Zeiss Planetarium, Jena.
2016: European Month of Photography, Fotografische Soiree, Schloss Bellevue, Berlin.
‘Light Surfaces’ shown at Bundes-President’s Soirée for leading German photographers
2014: ‘The Sun Cinema Experience’, installation with Sophie Clements. Madeiradig Festival, Madeira.
2011: Roundhouse, London. a 360° audio-visual performance Barbican Centre, also in London. audio visual live performance for “onsite” event part Ron Arad exhibtion programme.
2008 & 2010: Royal Opera House, London: 2 collaborations with Sophie Clements on a large scale audio visual sculptures as part of the Ignite festival curated by Joanna McGregor in 2010 and Wayne MacGregor in 2008.
2007-08: Planetariums in Berlin and Sao Paulo. 360° slide and video performances with i:Cube
2006: Berlin Art Biennale, projections at opening event at Postfuhramt Berlin.
2005: Neue National Gallerie, Berlin performance at Soirée Noir with Phillip Sollmann for Melancholie exhibition.

Phillip Sollmann / Efdemin
Sollmann & Gürtler
Sophie Clements
Owen Lloyd
Nell Catchpole
Etkin Cekin
Hanno Leichtmann


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